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  • 未使用である商品。
  • 未開封で、タグなどがついている商品。
  • 到着後1週間以内の商品。

※ 返送・再発送にかかる送料はお客様負担となります。


交換商品の在庫がない場合、 次の入荷時までお待ちいただくか、在庫のある別の商品との交換にてご対応させていただきます。













  • クレジットカードでのお支払いの場合、全額を返金いたします。
  • 口座振り込みでのお支払い、代引きの場合、商品代金から振込手数料を差し引いた額をお客様の口座にお振込みいたします。









  • 包装や商品を乱暴に扱ったあとが見られる場合。
  • 包装が破れていたり、つぶれていたりする場合。
  • 商品がなんらかの理由で破損している場合。




General considerations

For health and hygiene reasons, we will not accept, under any circumstances, exchanges or returns of disposable products, such as:

  • condoms;
  • cosmetics;
  • products for intimate/internal use;
  • among others;

As a general rule, requests for exchanges and returns will be accepted if, and only if, they are identified with manufacturing defects in electrical, electronic or mechanical appliances that are not functioning as specified, or by operational errors by First Class Sex shop.

Exchanges or returns will be considered if, and only if, the following premises are met:

  • the product cannot have been used;
  • the product must be in its original packaging and with the appropriate labels;
  • the request must occur within a maximum of 7 days after delivery of the product;

Round-trip shipping is at the customer's expense.

For exchanges, when the product is not available in stock, the customer can:

  • wait until the product is in stock for replacement or;
  • choose another product available in our store;

If the product chosen is of a lower value, First Class Sex shop will refund the difference to the customer, in points, that can be used for purchases in our store.

If the chosen product is of higher value, the customer must pay the difference.

Exchange due to operational error

Products that are sent by First Class Sex shop to the customer in the wrong way, will be replaced by the correct product without additional charge, and the freight value for returning and resending the product will not be charged to the customer.

Exchange due to defective product

Products that are sent by First Class Sex shop to the customer with manufacturing defects will be replaced by another with the same specifications, at no additional cost, and the cost of shipping for returning and returning the product will not be charged to the customer.

Return and Refund

In general, the refund is made exclusively with points in your account within our website.

In the event of a return, when the premises described in the general considerations above are met, the customer will receive a credit, in points, for the value of the product or purchase in question, as soon as the return is confirmed and the products returned. The points received can be used for future purchases in our store.

In specific cases, we may refund you in local currency and the refund will be as follows:

  • refunding the full amount of the order, when payment is made by credit card;
  • bank deposit in the full amount of the order, deducted the transfer costs, when payment is made by bank transfer or cash on delivery.

The time for the refund to complete and the amount to be available on your account (or charged to your credit card statement) will depend on the method you choose for payment and your credit card company, where applicable.

The cost of shipping, whether prorated or full, will not be included in the credit.


For cases in which the carrier is unable to deliver due to errors or inconsistencies in the address, the product will return to the First Class Sex shop HQ, and the failure in the process considered the result of major force or fortuitous event, thus excluding all and any liability of First Class Sex shop. In any case, we will try to contact the customer to correct the delivery data, however, the cost of resending the order will be exclusively on the customer and added to the final purchase price.

Cases in which exchanges or returns will not be accepted

First Class Sex shop reserves the right not to accept requests for exchanges or returns under the conditions listed below, but not limited exclusively to them, each case being analyzed individually:

  • when there are indications of violation of packaging or use of products;
  • when the product packaging is torn or crumpled;
  • when the product is damaged in any way;

When returning the product, please pack it correctly so that it does not suffer any damage caused by the lack of protection. Preferably, use the same packaging in which the product was received upon delivery.

If there are indications of bad faith during the exchange or return procedures, First Class Sex shop will cancel the process, releasing itself from any commitment made during the exchange or return procedures.

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